John | Barebones Automotive

John Blanton, Owner

Blanton is a Master ASE certified mechanic with an L-1 engine specialist certification. He has spent decades in the auto industry, serving in almost every aspect of the business. He graduated summa cum laude with a degree in business administration and finance from Sullivan University. In 2011, he founded Barebones Auto Repair LLC because he saw a need for quality auto maintenance and repairs at a "barebones" price. He and his staff believe integrity is paramount. He is proud veteran of the United States Coast Guard and the son of a career Marine. He is a member of the Denton Chamber of Commerce and proudly supports a number of local charities including the Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home in Denton, the TeamConnor Cancer Foundation, Communities in Schools North Texas.

Stephen | Barebones Automotive

Stephen Rosalez, Shop Manager

Stephen (pronounced Stef-n) is the head of customer and vendor relations for Barebones Auto. He specializes in finding quality parts and negotiating the very best prices. As the head of customer relations, he makes sure our clients understand the work that is being performed and are happy with our service. He has decades of experience in the automotive industry. He and his wife Ashley and their two sons live in Fort Worth.

Vianey | Barebones Automotive

Vianey Castrejon (Habla Espanol)

Vinny serves as Barebones' shop foreman. He works on all automotive makes and models. He has more than 15 years of service in the industry. He is a proud U.S. military veteran. He's working on his degree at NCTC. He and his wife, Jenny have three sons.

Andy | Barebones Automotive

Andy Garcia (Habla Espanol)

Garcia is a lead technician. He works on all automotive makes and models, but specializes in European cars. He has been working in the automotive industry since he was 16. He's a proud Marine veteran. Sorry ladies he recently got married.

Chris | Barebones Automotive

Chris Souza

Souza has 10 years experience as a technician. He and his wife recently welcomed a baby boy, their first. Chris is very detail oriented.